Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Owls...Oh... THE Owls!

I decided to make Kenna's Party favors...WHY? Well, there isn't much to pick from in the way of favors for tiny babies! Most favors are chocking hazards. So I am making these little bean bag owls. I found directions online. The only thing I changed was that I fastened the eyes/buttons on with stitches rather than tacky glue. They look simple but like most things...looks are deceiving. I have logged several hours on these little things. HOWEVER, I love them! We call Kenna--"Kenna Bean" so how fitting is it to have bean bags as a parting gifts. I think VERY! Here is a sneak peak at the owls.

These were my first owls. The pink and aqua ones came out looking more like tiny hacky sacks.  I had to go back to the drawing board. The lime green one is the correct size.
Then I got creative and made wings!
 So, some have wings and some don't. I told Sean they are like snowflakes...not one is alike!
Hey, they are for kids...they won't care, right??


  1. Can you send me the directions for these or a link? I think I'm going to do owls for Elle's Bday this year :)