Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's almost MAY?

Once again time has flown by last post was a month ago. I knew I was behind with the blog, when I started receiving emails to (re) join facebook. My friends kindly reminded me that this blog was their only way to stay connected with me.

So, let's see what's new in the Samuel house:
On April 1st, I got my haircut a little shorter (3 inches). Kenna got her ears pierced on April 3rd. She was a little trooper!! She cried for 1-2 min. and carried on about the rest of the day like nothing happened. So, far no infections and she hasn't messed with them at all. On April 6th, Kenna said "mama" clear as could be. I think there is nothing sweeter than hearing your child say "mama" for the first time. I thought on the second go around it might loose it's sweetness but, nope it still choked me up. April 7th, We made two pans of lasagna one for MacMacPaPa and Uncle Glenn (my maternal side) and a neighbor who's husband died unexpectedly. On April 9th, Sean received news that he had a small promotion to guide assistant. Basically they have him at the preview center to take tours during busy/peak times. So, he gets to be off the phones and be face to face with people!! We're excited because Sean gets to test drive the guide role before committing to it. Needless to say with Sean taking on an additional day of work, my work load has shifted. I feel like I'm on a seesaw that never stops. Don't you??
Well, my April did not end there. On April 14th, my MacMac had a shunt put into her brain to restore normal pressure and drain the extra fluid she had. A few months ago her doctors found a tumor on her brain called a meningioma. Meningiomas account for more than 25 percent of primary brain tumors. Meningiomas are usually slow-growing tumors that develop from the meninges, the protective linings of the brain and spinal cord. They may be found anywhere throughout the nervous system. Although almost always noncancerous (benign). She is doing great and will most like go back for her tumor removal in June. Ok, now just two days later my Aunt Shirley was admitted to the hospital for dehydration. She was released and did some better but, even now as I write this she is dealing with heath issues. Today she was released from yet another hospital. Please pray for her and her doctors.
I kid you not, we celebrated Easter for two weeks!! We had the mommy group party (April 15th) then we had our mops party (April 22nd). Haley-Reese has been eating two plastic (candy filled) eggs a day. Yes, I ration them out, I try to avoid the inevitable "major" sugar crash. It has somewhat worked!  This past Sunday was Easter and the girls looked precious!! Kenna wore Haley-Reese's first Easter dress and Haley-Reese wore a new beautiful rose covered dress.We went to the 8:00am service to avoid the creasters (Christmas & Easter people) then ate at ihop for breakfast. By the time we got home I just wanted to relax. So, without thinking I took the girls clothes off...yep no pictures! We will be reenacting Easter sometime this week just to take pictures! Zish...epic "mommy" fail!! Latter that afternoon we ate dinner with great friends and it was the perfect end to a wonderful day. I think it was our best Easter yet despite my missed photo op.

I think that covers April...(if your still reading this you must love me)...thank you!! I will try and do a better job at keeping up with my blog.

I've been planning Kenna's 1st Birthday, Haley-Reese's 3rd Birthday and Danielle's Bridal Shower (my sister) so most of my free time has gone into those parties. Here's Kenna's invite for those of you who live out of sate and didn't recieve one. Take care and have a wonderful May...I'm just joking!!!