Thursday, March 24, 2011

Confessions of "Super Mom"

1. I  never have time to do my hair or wear makeup, yet, ironically, I organize my child's room.

2. I panic when I see vomit.

3. Most days my "workout" consists of doing sit ups on the floor while my girls play next to me.

4. I have a threshold for caffeine that defies scientific reasoning

5. More than once, I have found that part of my clothing was on inside out. On a good day, it's just my underwear.

6. When my daughter picks out a LONG book to read at bedtime. I make up my own story that follows the pictures. My husband just caught on last month.

7. I don't change my clothes no matter what substance is spilled on me (usually, not always, food). IF I'm staying in for the's pointless...right?!

8. I have loaded the, stroller, bags and sometimes a to do list. Started driving and forgot where I was going...on more than one occasion.

9. In a pinch I have fed my child out of a can....soup and chef boyardee.

10. I have a laundry basket full of socks that don't match.

11. I find Murray the most annoying "NEW" Sesame Street character EVER!